Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend - Silence

Saturday morning we woke up early again, made it out of the house, through the snow, got on the 6:47am bus to catch the 7:10am train to Zurich, where I deposited my friends at the airport for their flight back to the US. It was a bit of a sad goodbye, we had such a fantastic time together.

I have never been to Switzerland with friends before and it was such an amazing experience to be able to share a place so close to my heart with people so special to me. Not to mention being able to explore and experience so many new things.

So I made my way back to Luzern, got back into my pj's and stayed like that the rest of the weekend. Philipp and his family had gone off to Austria, so I had the house to myself. Recovery, mental and physical, was sorely needed. My brain was pretty close to overload after a week of translating back and forth between English and Swiss German. My body was close to shattered after an intensive schedule, a bad cold and completely and totally losing my voice. (Which of course was commented on as the ideal state for a woman to be in - unable to speak - ha ha ha.)

Anyway so I lounged on the sofa, drinking lots of tea, catching up on another season of 24 and resting up for two more days of Fasnacht.

***So I am weeks behind on the blog but I'm working hard on catching up, let's all pretend I'm posting as things happened!***

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