Thursday, January 29, 2009

A final thought

So a final thought may be long overdue to close this particular chapter and move on to the next.

Last time around I told stories of music and mice. This time, a bit different.

The long story short is that I moved out of my lovely Brooklyn apartment, packed my car to its absolute limit and took a long drive back to Miami. My time in the city had run its course and after eight months of not working I was not eager to step back into the frenetic pace necessary for some semblance of survival. Another bittersweet goodbye in this great adventure.

So I moved back to Miami and back home. Four months later I am slowly getting over the culture shock, the lack of the use of the turn signal, the Spanish spoken everywhere, and all the other nuances that make Miami a particularly interesting place.

It is a good place to be, to sit outside in January, to hear the crickets chirp at night, to see the turquoise of the sea and the pink of the sky and the pale sand. I can't really complain one bit.

So I am here to regroup, working a day job, preparing for yoga teacher training and trying to be creative in whatever tiny way I can.

I can not say what the best lesson out of all this has been and there is really no need to analyze it. I can say that I have been liberated and for that, I am eternally grateful.

With that being said, I sign off and go out there to enjoy this amazing experience we know as life. I just won't be documenting it on here anymore.


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