Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back to Miami

On December 15th, I got back on a plane and flew from Bali to Taipei to Los Angeles to Atlanta to Miami. Surfboard, suitcase and two carry ons in tow, I finally made it back to my family's home in Miami early Monday morning.

I have spent my time catching up with family and friends, unpacking all my bags, going through two months of mail and email, uploading 2000+ pictures to my laptop and whatnot.

I met with my future employer, truly a gem of an induvidual - who gave me the security of being able to have a job to come back to while I was on my travels, and I decided not to take the job. Luckily he did not throw me out of a moving car when I told him. Strangely it was only that day that it occurred to me not to re-enter the airfreight industry. If anytime is the time to make a break, it is now, so with eternal gratitude to my lovely and gracious ex future employer, I am leaping into free fall.

So what am I doing now? Well, I have been busy with arts & crafts projects, making Christmas ornaments and my own gift wrapping paper, went for a surf in the not as warm as Bali waters of Miami. I figure I will enjoy the holidays with my family and friends, make my way back to Brooklyn in mid January sometime and keep adventuring in the meantime.

Wishing all a healthy and happy Christmas and New Year!

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