Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hong Kong, China - Part 3

Friday I met Karen and her coworkers for a fun Chinese "comfort food" lunch, a typical "I'm so glad it's Friday" lunch. I went back to their offices for some incredible views of the harbour and then got on a double decker bus, that drove through some incredible winding roads to the other side of the island.

I walked around the Stanley Market and the Maritime Museum but I was really mostly taken with the gorgeous weather and amazing views, I sat for a long time just watching the fishermen and the ocean. After a stroll along the boardwalk and through the market again, I got on a bus and then a taxi (a 2 hour ordeal and a VERY long story) to meet up with Karen and her friends for drinks and dinner. We had loads of fun and I met some lovely people.

Saturday Karen and I dragged ourselves out of her apartment for brunch and a hike. We walked part of the Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail, about 2.5k - doesn't sound like much but a fair portion of it was stairs. Being the well trained athlete that I am, not a problem. Ha Ha. We were rewarded with some splendid views at the peak but we had to get going to a Hong Kong Chinese wedding rehearsal where Karen was the maid of honor. We raced back to Karen's and met up with Lilac and David. The venue was amazing, again tremendous views right on the harbour. After the rehearsal we jumped on the subway and went to visit Karen's jeweler. We walk in and Karen is greeted like a queen, we play dress up with some amazing jewels and have our arms twisted into buying a few things. I asked Mariane to indulge me and let me try on the most expensive piece - no problem, she whips out a four carat diamond. Holy cow! I could have blinded someone with that rock.

Sunday Karen went off to the wedding so I decided to walk around her neighborhood and the Soho area. I walked past boutiques and restaurants, past temples and through markets that sold everything from birds nests to shark fins. After some lunch, some shopping, some more shopping it was finally evening and Karen and I went for a delicious Italian dinner.

Monday I was treated to Yuly's mango breakfast and went off to the airport as it was time for me to go back to Bali. As happy and excited as I was to go back to Bali, I was a little sad leaving Hong Kong. I really had a fantastic time, it's a great city and I was hosted by a great friend. I am definitely going back one day!

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