Tuesday, April 1, 2008

6 Months Later....

So I started documenting my journey 6 months ago and so much has happened. I have been half way around the world and back - it almost doesn't seem real. I made some really great new friends and have been able to spend some quality time with old friends and family. Lots of catching up on the last few years.

Did I have that epiphany as to what to do with the rest of my life? No, not at all. I think one of the hazards of taking off and doing something like this is that you can end up more confused than ever. I know other friends have gone through this. You start running out of money, you don't want to go back to a corporate world and way of life but you have NO clue what you want to do.

What have I learned? I know I like to chill out and live life a little more slowly, but I also know I like certain parts of city life and it's vibrancy. I know I have great friends and family, that every time I start to get stressed out about where I'm going seem to have just the right things to say to me. It's weird, I did this thing - traveling across the world by myself, quitting my job and looking to start over doing something else and I get scared just putting a resume together. Aren't there jobs for people who want to travel, write, take pictures, do yoga and surf?

I had plans to start a yoga teacher training course now in April but it was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Isn't that a funny way to remind me everything happens for a reason and I should just go with the flow? Strange.

But don't take this post as me bitching and complaining - I am happy and I am so so so happy I did what I did. It's probably the biggest gift I could ever have given myself. Somehow I just thought it might be good to recap the last 6 months and give an honest statement of where I am now. So I will keep blogging about where ever I am and whatever I am doing, if only for myself. I am kind of liking this online journal thing!

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Christina said...

J - when you read this, thank you.