Friday, November 9, 2007

Legian, Bali - Part 1

So I made my way back down to the beach on Saturday. Sheila and I had decided to go dancing but due to a massive downpour and the club only opening at 11pm we scrapped that idea. We were quite the sight at dinner, the two of us yawning away at 9pm. I just don't have the energy I did at 21!

Besides, we had a morning surf lesson with Marcy, Melinda's boyfriend, the next morning. Marcy, aka Yes Sir! Mr. Marcy Sir, was quite nice to me the first day, however subsequent lessons proved he is quite the paddle nazi, lots of "paddle, paddle, paddle, harder, faster, eyes up, chin down!" Ha ha ha!

Anyway the last few days with Sheila were great. We took in some lessons with Marcy, a few massages, a bit of lounging at Lanai (a beachfront restaurant) taking in the sights and sounds, checking out the guys, a good time all around.

By the way that's Sheila surfing not me.

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