Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ubud, Bali - Part 2

Sheila left back to Seminyak on Thursday and I decided to stay on in Ubud for a few more days. I moved to a new hotel, Artini Cottages 2; Artini reminded me of lots of miniature palaces surrounded by lush gardens filled with white frangipani flowers, hot pink hibiscus trees and purple bougainvillea plants. I had booked a regular room but the staff at Artini
hooked me up with the honeymoon suite at the back of the hotel. A
lovely room with an expansive view of the gardens and cottages.

On Friday I decided to take a jewelery making class. Other than playing with beads and string as a child, I had never really made any jewelry. So I booked a class with the awesome
people at Studio Perak. The other students definitely had some designs in mind and one was quite intense about his work. I, on the other hand, had no design in mind but I eventually got some sort of idea as to what to make. With lots of assistance from my instructor Ketut, I made a ring that I am actually quite pleased with. I am calling it my lesson in going with the flow.

After class I meandered through town, stopped at the crowded market, bargained with a girl for some gorgeous silk batik scarves and made my way to the Lotus Cafe for lunch. I had Mie Goreng, sort of an Indonesian version of Pad Thai.

Lotus Cafe overlooks the back gardens of Pura Saraswati (Temple Saraswati). The temple, despite looking quite ancient, was built at the end of the 19th Century and dedicated to the Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of water, learning and creativity. Her name, Saraswati, literally translates to "the one who flows", kind of cool. After a stroll through the lotus filled garden, it was time for my daily
reflexology session and dinner.

I had dinner at the cafe "Kafe" which is under the yoga studio and met of all things, Swiss tourists (She from Basel and He from Solothurn - just in case anyone was wondering). Anyway so I hear them talking and can not resist piping up and telling them amount Yani,
the Swiss speaking Balinese tour guide. I'm not sure what tripped them
out more, a Swiss speaking Balinese or a Swiss speaking New Yorker/Miamian.

The next day after a yummy breakfast of Balinese coffee and banana pancakes, it was time to head back to the beach.

My ode to banana pancakes, oh how I love thee. Seriously they are AMAZING. I am no big fan of bananas, I appreciate their nutritional value but I have been the victim of potassium overdose in the past (specific people will know what I am talking about, yes you James). Anyway in Bali they make these light, crepe-like pancakes and fill them with a sliced cooked banana. Oh my god, they are SO delicious. I have a whole new appreciation for bananas.

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TEBA said...

Saraswati...what a great name. Perhaps one day it will pop up in your life again. In the meantime, I love the ring, which indeed feels like you, the stone, in the middle of the flowing waters of life. This is what it's all about. So happy you're indulging in the ever-necessary evening reflexo session (I do the same here in Chiang Mai) and doing some courses. This time is all about exploring all your potential. Go girl!