Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Stuff - Drive Thru

So being in a blah, lacking inspiration, yucky weather sort of mood , I decided to turn on the tv and watch something.

Much to my delight, FUEL TV (an extreme sports channel) is playing Drive Thru. Drive Thru is this awesome series where a group of pro surfers go on a surf trip and their adventure is documented. It is informative, interesting but best of all it is hilarious. And I need a chuckle today.

The new series takes these surfers across New Zealand and films their surfing and their hijinks. These are some seriously funny (and cute) boys. In fact, I think I may love Benji Weatherley.

However don't think the show is just for girls who want to drool over surfer boys, it's a super cool show, with awesome surfing and super fun adventures in amazing places, not to mention a cast of extraordinary goofballs.

If you can, check out some of the other series', Drive Thru Caribbean, Drive Thru Europe and particularly Drive Thru South Africa (where South African Airways happened to go on strike at that time and threw the guys for a few loops). I can relate, SAA threw me for a few loops in the past as well! Ha ha ha.


Anonymous said...

So you see, it is not impossible to blog even when feeling uninspired and the weather makes you so miserable that you don't even wish to surf. Both of todays blogs were good because they were random, based on nothing but pure life! Excellent reading and inspirational to others who have nothing better to do than wait on every new blog posted.

The only negatove was the obvious prejudice against the poor, innocent South Africans, especially those working in the airline industry. Ag shame!

Anonymous said...

Has this Blog been abandoned? If it were a car parked in NYC it would have been towed long ago for being stationary too long.