Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Inspiration, or the lack thereof, that's my problem right now. I didn't feel I had any interesting material for yesterday, Music/Movie Monday. Not that there aren't tons of cool bands or movies to write about, I just wasn't feeling the writing part of it.

Today I was harassed by some readers and thought well, I'll go for a surf and then maybe I will get inspired. I was tired of being on the internet and am having issues today with my creative process for logo and website designing anyway. I wriggled myself into my wetsuit, packed my backpack and grabbed my board. I get downstairs and it's pouring, somehow I missed that when I looked out the window at the grey sky above. So I emptied the mailbox and went back upstairs. That was a fruitless exercise. I mean I could have gone surfing anyway, being that I'm gonna get wet in the ocean in any case but somehow driving 45 minutes in the rain wasn't that appealing.

I sprawled out on the sofa and read some of my Outside magazine that has all this great stuff about summertime and still nothing. I decided it was time to move my car and go to the grocery store.

I think I am a little stir crazy and suffering from vitamin D deficiency. My body is refusing to accept that it is spring and it's raining and 50 odd degrees outside. My lower half decided to wear capri pants and flip flops, while my upper half decided to wear a sweatshirt and a rain jacket. It's like my body is trying to will sunshine and warmer weather. Maybe I need to do a sun dance or something in my apartment.


Anonymous said...

Nice photo!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo!

Morgan J Bloom said...

Sundance Surfer Weather, I would have loved to see you ride there.

I'm joining the surfergirl gang one day! If I wear flourescent yellow will sharks think I'm a banana? mmm

Wordpress very cool, thought you might as well. Havn't fully installed it onto firefox yet...

Keep your chin up and your head in the lap of a cute deadbeat cubicle knome. :)

-I might be in conn. this summer. will update.

Christina said...

mjb - you should totally join, banana suit could possibly be protection. been battling with wp and photos. do update.