Sunday, October 7, 2007

Charleston, SC to Savannah, GA

I arrived at the Phoebe Pember House in Charleston, a B&B I booked for the night, where I was greeted by the lovely Tanya who was an absolute star. After showing me my room, Tanya invited me to join her for a glass of wine. We ended up sitting in a lovely sitting room in the house and chatted about life, my trip, children and all sorts of things. What great welcome to a great place. Tanya told me that Phoebe Pember was a maverick and a woman who really marched to her own drum. I found this B&B by accident and really could not get over the fact that it was so the right place for me. I mean they even had yoga classes on site! I also met the inspiring Carolyn Rivers, who founded the Sophia Institute, which is onsite and a very noble and special place. Check out the Phoebe Pember House and the Sophia Institute at their respective websites, and

After my chat with Tanya I went to Fleet Landing for dinner and had my first ever fried green tomatoes. Quite good actually.

The following morning I was treated to coffee on the veranda and then took a Kundalini yoga class with the wonderful Sheri Cohen at the Sophia Institute. It was a different style of yoga than what I normally practice but a great experience.
I had a lovely breakfast in the garden and set out to see a bit of Charleston. After walking around for a while and taking pictures of some lovely things I decided to make my way to Savannah.

I got on the infamous I17 once again and worked my way down to Savannah. I kept on driving past these little country roads and the curiosity really started to get the better of me, so at SC Highway 15, decided to hang a left and drove about 20 miles to the end of the road to Bennetts Point. I drove through Lowcountry, it was absolutely hauntingly beautiful. I passed two plantations, various trailers, a number of churches and finally I made it to the end of the road. At the end was a fishing shop, a boat ramp, a fishing boat, a dog and not much else. I went into the shop to buy something to drink and had a nice chat with the lady working there, who said to me, as long as I don't act like a yankee I am welcome! Apparently yankees are bossy and always in a rush, that does kind of sound like the average New Yorker to me! It's been an interesting lesson in slowing down so far....

So after this I turned around, drove back to I17 and made the rest of my way to Savannah.

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