Monday, October 29, 2007

Surf Goddess Retreat - Part 1

A funny thing about Bali. I once, many many years ago developed a fascination for Balinese art and decided I wanted to visit Indonesia. Time went on, years flew past and Bali went out of my head. So one day this summer in New York, I was busy researching my traveling to Asia. I was looking for some sort of yoga retreat and I come across this link for Surf Goddess Retreat in Bali. The retreat consisted of daily yoga and surfing instruction for small groups of women. It sounded luxurious, invigorating and restorative. What a great way to start off traveling in Asia, I thought. So I booked it.

Sunday I checked out of Le Meridien and made my way to Seminyak for the retreat. My God, it was more than I could ever have dreamed. I struggle to put into words what I experienced in the last week and you better believe it is going to take more than one post.

First off I arrived at this gated door and when it opened I saw nothing but an aquamarine pool and a lovely lush garden. From the pool, pipes up a voice and says "Hi! I'm Kim!!". Funny enough, Kim lives in New York too and ended up being my roommate for the week.
Aside from trying to cut off my leg with a miniature saw in the middle of the night, she is a totally fantastic person with a gift for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Kim also has sunglasses bigger than Bono's. See photo

Moving right along and jokes aside, Kim and I met Chelsea, who did the phenomenal job of organizing the this week for us, and chattered away until the other girls arrived. We met Karen, Sheila, Stephanie and Anne - all wonderful women who we would share the next week with. We also met Melinda, who works with Chelsea, and would become our surfing big sister over the next week.

We shared the first of many wonderful home cooked meals together and after dinner, Karen says she is going for a massage and anyone is welcome to come along. Now I'm not one to skip out on a spa treatment, so off we went. A word about Karen, she is a fantastic, vibrant Australian woman whose goal in life is to attempt to overdose on spa treatments! I had secretly decided I wanted to try to get a treatment a day or at least several times a week, I mean at under $20 per massage in Bali, why not? And now I met Karen, my spa guru - could things work out any better??

The next morning we were up for yoga class by the pool with the lovely Susan, who is full of humor and gracious humanity, qualities sometimes lacking in yoga teachers ( I have to be honest and say that my current teachers are just that, so it was nice to feel at home).

After a great yoga class and a fabulous breakfast we were off to Rip Curl Surf School in Blue Ocean Beach, where we began the first of many lessons filled with great instruction and tons of fun. Somehow I personally find it easy to burst out laughing if I catch a wave or I get dumped and fall off, which still happens quite a bit. Suppose its got to do with being with tremendous people and being i a beautiful place.

As the days went on we pushed our sore muscles through yoga classes and surfing lessons and invariably ended our days with either a massage or reflexology. Not a bad life huh?


maggie said...

I LOVE IT - Sounds so amazing so far!! I wish I could be somewhere near your blissful, rejuvenating, relaxing and gorgeous escape! Thrilled to hear you are unwinding to say the least, and can't wait to continue reading about your trip! Love, Maggie

Carmen said...

Ok, Now do you want to remind me why I am not on this trip, especially with 45+ days of vacation accrued?

Watch out, I might call Concordia and ask if they can hook it up for me to be shipped via cargo!


Anonymous said...

A wonderful blog and comments until we get to that word "CONCORDIA"!!!!! Such words should not be allowed....just ruined breakfast...Tom

James said...

LOL at Tom's comment! --- the "C" word... Arrggh! :o)

Carmen said...

Sorry Tom, I guess I could have chosen another forwarder?! I am looking for a quote, the box is 72x24x24 with a weight of 55kgs destination: BAJ

Any bidders out there to help me so I can meet up with my sister?? I need to escape my office!

luftyldr said...

Well Carmen, just keep in mind that the shipping container u want to use has a volumetric weight of 97Kg. (use 100K rate). Also there are no movies shown in bellies 3,4,or 5. Suggest main deck or belly 1 and 2. Just don't forget your "upright load" labels. Maybe the loader knows what it means and won't load you upside down...stay away from "C" (just got chills) Tom