Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Savannah, SC to Miami, FL

Monday morning I packed my bags, packed my car and headed towards Tybee Island off the coast of Savannah. Tybee Island is a barrier island which was originally inhabited by the Euchee Native American tribe. The Sea Islands, which Tybee is a part of, were eventually inhabited by the Spanish, by pirates and later the English.

Anyway, the reason for my visit was not to go for any sort of history lesson but rather to go kayaking. When I asked the bartenders at the Shrimp Factory in Savannah what would be nice to do, not too touristy and not too swamped with people, they suggested I go kayaking on Tybee Island.

The nice people at Sea Kayak Georgia organize 3 hour kayaking tours through the salt marshes and it looked like fun. Now, I am by no means any sort of outdoorsy athlete, actually I'm not any sort of athlete at ALL. The only time I have ever been kayaking was this summer with a friend, in a 2 person inflatable kayak, in a lake. Good luck to me! So I made it to Tybee, buckled on my lifevest, learned the basics about paddling and climbed into my single person yellow kayak. And no I don't have any pictures.

Our guides, Steve and Sharon, took our group of 12 through the marshes and over to Little Tybee Island. We saw lots of birds but really best of all were the dolphins that were playing about 10 yards from my kayak, they were so close that I could actually see their little ribs! Unfortunately I left my camera in the car for fear of dropping it in the water.

After 3 hours of paddling in the sun, I went to go check out the lighthouse, have some lunch and go for a swim in the ocean. At this point it was time to get on my way again and head for Miami.

So after a long drive down a dark and scary I95, I made it to my family's home at 1:30am. Door to door, my car and I drove 1,488 miles safely and speeding ticket free! On to the next part of this adventure!


Nicki said...

Congratz u made it to MIA! (= Seems as though u had a great time traveling from NY to MIA with all the lovely sites you saw! Now off to youe international trips (= ..ggrr! i do envy u right now - have funn!! miss yah!

Joan said...

Finally had a chance to catch up on your adventures.....Glad all went well on the trip south and you made it ticket free and safe! Tell everyone in MIA I said hello. Keep in touch, have a blast and stay safe.....Miss ya!